Our Process


The cornerstone to every loan, as this will set the stage for the entire process. Our borrowers can apply via our custom online application portal in less than 10 minutes or complete the application over the phone with one of our highly-regarded mortgage professionals.


The "pain in the gain" part of the process, but we must gather all documentation necessary to get a borrower approved - including W2s, paystubs, bank statements, etc. - and third-party items like appraisal, title, and insurance. This can all be done through our safe and secure online portal or "old-school" through fax or in-person. If a borrower moves quickly through this step, they can sit back, relax, and watch us work our magic.

Upfront Underwriting

Same-day upfront underwriting is performed in-house to eliminate blow-back and 11th hour hiccups or surprises. Our team thrives under pressure, and our inside-relationships with our investors can often perform mortgage miracles where most other lenders would kill the deal.

Next Day Loan Approval

We know when a deal can get done or cannot get done. A buyer or Realtor wants to know this right away, so we'll give it to them next day. If certain conditions need to be met, we jump all over them to get the loan approved as fast as possible.

13 Day Clear to Close

Yes, you read that right: your loan can be clear to close in 13 days! Get on Board!

This is what we call the "Buyer's Dozen". We don't like surprises, and neither does anyone involved in the transaction. Our Closing Coordinator will confirm the time and location of closing and all costs and credits associated with the loan to all parties well ahead of the actual date of closing. All funds are wired 24 hours before closing, too - no surprises.

The eClick Edge

+ Earnest Money Assurance if we don't close on time
+ Guaranteed same-day responses and answers
+ Available 7 days a week
+ Local Appraisers = Faster Appraisals

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