Dan Sulaski

Business Development Manager

NMLS# 1213582

Dan landed at Midwest Equity/eClick in 2014 after storied careers in the automotive and entertainment industries. He has only one regret: "I wish I would have been here since this company opened its doors...this will be my last job...and I love it." Dan is a talent magnet, so it is no wonder he emerged as a force in recruiting and business development. "Being brutally honest, I love meeting and working alongside good people. I truly enjoy making individuals and teams better, and having an absolute blast in the process. I look forward to getting to know you if I do not already."

Dan has been married to his "Georgia Peach", Leigh, for 24 years, and has 2 sons (Benjamin 21, and Jacob 19). He loves his Golden Retrievers very much (Herschel and Woodrow, 4) and posthumously Hamilton (2018) and Wyatt (2015). He adores his friends and family. He is an assassin in the kitchen and knows his way around the bourbon and red wine cellar. He bleeds Cubby Blue and has been a season ticket holder since he moved to Chicago in 1991. He is also actively working on getting his golf handicap under 10.

Two additional tidbits about Dan: he has an identical twin Brother, Social Magnate David, and played poker professionally for 3 years (must not have gone too well or guess he’d still be playing?).